Our deluxe rooms are highly recommended for all those looking for peaceful, quiet and a fantastic experience. They have décor themed around different novels and poetry

First floor

Room "Las ciudades invisibles"

Highly recommended for those who seek silence and a serene environment. two beds of 105 cm wide, very spacious and bright, with lattice Manor balcony on San Matias street, décor of quite magical water...

This deluxe has a HIFI system for Ipod, Itouch o Iphone, and dual anti-noise carpentry.

Room "Granada la Bella"

1 bed 150 cm wide, spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi, balcony overlooking the little square of the pilgrims, your headboard will immerse you in the sense of the beauty of Granada according to this fundamental granadian of romanticism.

Double-glazed, soundproof, silence is guaranteed.

Dedicated to the thought of Ángel Ganivet and interpreted by Francisco J. Corral (architect).

Second floor

Room "Ítaca"

2 beds of 105 cm wide. Deluxe room is spacious impressive sloping roof make you navigate which Ulises through a fantastic and real Mediterranean.

Dedicated to the poem by Cavafy on the Odyssey, starring by Mika Murakami, painter and engraver.

This deluxe room has a HIFI system for Ipod, Itouch o Iphone, and dual anti-noise carpentry.


Room "León el Africano"

2 beds of 105 cm wide. A spacious and bright bathroom with balcony on the square of the pilgrims. This luminous room with two balconies, you moved to a 30-year journey through Africa and the Mediterranean, and invites you to dream with a tea at the gates of the desert…

Dedicated to this historical character according to the great novel by Amin Maalouf, idea and execution Francisco J.del Corral, Raúl Alonso and Antonio Terrada.

This deluxe room has a HIFI system for Ipod, Itouch o Iphone.

Room "Don Alhambro"

Dedicated to a tale of Federico García Lorca, simple synthesis of nature and living in Granada Federico poetic. Mister Alhambro, water expert taster, was obsessed with the time…

1 bed 150 cm wide. A romantic period atmosphere, spacious and cozy, with a balcony on Square of Pilgrims.



Room "Leyenda de la Rosa de la Alhambra"

This privileged tower with fantastic views to the Antequeruela high and the Alhambra, which is accessed by its own staircase, is dedicated to Washington Irving and his "Tales", Raúl Alonsco design and collaboration of the artist Antonio Terrada.

1 bed 150 cm wide. Perfect for individual use and for couples in love. You have to walk up two flights of stairs, from where we left the elevator. The bathroom has the same views.

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