Gar-Anat hotel is not just an accommodation. Immerse yourself in the literary and artistic world that surrounds us and enjoy something different from everything else

This place of pilgrims is not just a hotel, begins to be populated with characters and stories, real and fictional, and wants to be build with your experiences, your concerns, your dreams, your emotions, with dialogue between our guests and their experiences. In its rooms, lounges, court rooms, we have, as on a stage, some clues, just to stimulate and to receive the products of your imagination and your talent. So ahead, believes, brings, suggests… participates in open and creative spirit.

This place of pilgrims is not just a hotel, is your home, is the refuge of your imagination.

Our rooms have a very special and unique, all inspired by passages from books that relate to Granada:

“Granada la Bella” dedicted to the throught of Ángel Ganivet.

“Carta al Tiempo” inspired by the work of Claribel Alegría, it is an open window to the union of peoples.

“Serena de Amarillos” performed by the painter García Arias dedicated to the poet Martín Vivaldi.

“Don Alhambro” dedicted to a tale of Federico García Lorca, it expresses the sinteis between the Granada character and the life of the poet.

“El Retablo de Maese Pedro" inspired by the musical composition of Manuel de Falla on an episode of the Don Quixote.

"Ítaca" dedicated to the poem of Kavafis about of Odyssey.

"Leyenda de la Rosa de la Alhambra", dedicated to tales of Washington Irving, located in the tower, from which you can enjoy magnificent views of the Antequeruela High and Alhambra.

And other rooms more...

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