A bit of history...

The story of Gar-Anat hotel dates back to S. XVII. It belonged to a religious institution as can be seen in the heraldic shield of its cover.

Foundation of the Hospital de Peregrinos, so could have kept its use as a place of convalescence, presided over by a charitable brotherhood. In fact, in the heraldic shield are the keys of St. Peter under a chalice or Goblet and the Papal tiara in allusion to the papal confirmation of constitutions of the brotherhood.
Then passed into the hands of individuals from the 19th century due to alienation processes that took place in the city later becoming old rental building, presenting a great deterioration.
The famous architect Carlos Sánchez directed the renovation work during 2 years work and in November 2008 was opened as a hotel establishment.
Gar-Anat has body of theatre, like in the Spanish golden age that also can be seen in places as Almagro. The theatre is staging through dialogue of situations and problems of life verbalized by the literature; This word, dialogue, along with the undeniable look of corral of comedies that has the building, gave us the key to his setting: books written by pilgrims that have much to do with Gar-Anat and travellers that are suggested in the scene of each room and throughout the hotel.
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