Personality and charm

Personality and charm of the place. What means Gar-Anat?

There are numerous legends about the etymological meaning of its name. They are part of the charm and the personality that combines the hotel.
According to the theory of the chronicler Arias Montano, said the origin of the name of Granada in the Gar-Anat words = colony of pilgrims whose origin was the arrival to Spain in the year 136 of exiled Jews.

Why Gar-Anat Pilgrims Hotel?

Because is an inhabited place of is ideas, dreams, desires...
We believe in a living city, in constant development, moved by the beauty and affection. We believe in a magical city in the Alhambra and it perceived in the corners and squares of the Albayzin y Realejo, in the courtyards and monasteries...
Gar-Anat is this city, a refuge for pilgrims who come to propose the city who would like to be.
We believe in the subtle city proposed by Italo Calvino, we believe in the city of tales of Washington Irving and in the beautiful Granada of Ángel Ganivet….

A hotel that features stories……

Being built upon nothing, considering how he felt Goethe, “the world belongs to us”. Its rooms, designed and furnished in literary books, poetry, musical pieces, etc, are the stage where pilgrims plunges. libros
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